Nec 2500 doesn't read DVD+R DL

Hi Guys,

I have a NEC 2500A unit with latest firmware 1.08 (filename was 2500v3-2.bin) and I burned successfuly a RiDATA DVD+R DL (RITEK D01) disk. This disk can be read in almost all units (some 3 years old) because I changed the booktype to DVD-ROM…my only problem is that my unit itself cannot read it :confused:
I did some regression with different versions of firmware and the only one that was able to read the disk perfectly was it’s original 1.06 stock firmware.
Can you recommend a firmware that I can install and has all the benefits of the new ones but it is able to read my DL disk?
Probably it’s just a matter of comparing reading strategies for that media id, if they exist…but I don’t know where to look.


You must have a 2510 or transformed to 2510 drive, a 2500 doesn’t support DL.

Recommended & supported DL media comes from VERBATIM (MID MKM 001) & the same media is sold by PHILIPS too.

Hi Chef,

Thanks for the reply. My problem is that my 2500@2510 unit burned the RITEK D01 DL disk pretty well (I was able to use it very well in my 3 years old Toshiba DVD-ROM unit), but it can’t read it with firmware 2.18v3-2 (I think it was originallt MadDog…).
With it’s original 1.06 stock firmware can read it no problem…so it must be a software issue, not hardware.

Hey nobody has any idea why same drive (Nec 2500) with one firmware (stock 1.06) can read a DL Ritek D01 self-written, but it can’t read it with latest MadDog 2.F8 derivated?

Thanks :slight_smile: