NEC 2500 CRC Errors: quick clarification




I have recently been playing DVD burned with Nero on my 2500A using PowerDVD and have noticed that about 1/3 of the disks have problems. Power DVD will freeze and refuse to continue playing them.

I’ve used DVD shrink and Nero Recode to try to rip the DVDs back to my HDD, but both programs report the discs as having CRC errors and claim they are unreadable.

However, my old LG standalone DVD player replays the discs with no problem…

As a result, I have started using the verification process in Nero - a high number of burns are reported as having failed the verification (usually with “n files inaccessible”).

I’ve read posts on this forum that variously say that using verificatin is a waste of time and that the NEC 2500 is a poor reader.

Am I right, then, to believe that:

  • other DVD burners WOULD be able to read my discs and that the NEC is just being overly fussy;
  • Verification is a waste of time (usually);
  • my media is ok (using 4x Ridisc G05 and Datawrite 8x FUJIFILM03)

Finally, can anyone recommend a burner that is as good a reader as it is a writer?

Many thanks,



nec 2500 is known as a poor reader drive, nec have solved this problem in nec 3500 this is a very good reader(and fast)liteon are also great readers so they allow to make quality scans .


Many thanks… Which is better - the NEC 3500 or the Liteon DRW-3S163? I know ‘better’ is vague, but confronted with the two, with just 50p difference in price, which would you buy?

I guess I’d better start reading the Liteon forum…



i´d buy nec3500 of course but if you choose liteon your buy will be good too


Flash your drive to the 2510. if you want quality burns, then keep your burn speed to 4x.


Flash tool


:eek: I disagree. Why burning @4x? There is no issue in burning @8x; in some cases (for example, RICOHJPNR-00 or 01), burns made @8x are far better than those made at nominal speed. This forum is full of scans showing I’m not wrong, and my own experience confirms my assertion.


Im agree stargate some times 4x strats are worse than 8X ones in my case i have burnt taiyo yuden 8X certified at 16x,8x and 6X and almost no diferences between16X and 6X. 8x is better than 6x


If I knew I would never bought the 2510, what kind of drive can’t properly read it’s own recordings?

I also have a lot of problems with my recorded dvds, mostly cyclic redundancy errors and stuff like that… I would thinkl this would be abnormal but aparently from what I understand its the oposite?!?


do you use nero to burns? if yes try others :bigsmile:


BRCN, what would you recommend as an alternative to Nero? I like Nero’s plain interface; weird and wacky skins are of no interest to me. Someting that can reliably write DVDs is all I need.


I use both clonedvd2 or roxio7.copytodvd, record now or prassi ones are good too


I user nero, I never had any problems with CD recording, but I am willing to have a go with others. does clonedvd2 have the same functions as nero? I mean, can clonedvd record simple file compilations and/or video files, ou it’s just to… well, clone DVDs? :stuck_out_tongue:


i also use nero to burn cds, but dvds…;)clone dvd is exclusive to dvds


All my TY media seems to have a lower error rate burned at 4X, so thats why I suggested it. If yours is better at 8x then thats great :wink: .

Personally I first let nero’s verification run, then I do the extra step of running cd-dvd-speed . This way I can make sure nothing is screwing up. :slight_smile: