NEC 2500 Black from a DELL computer

Please tell me which should be the safest firmware for this one. Can I use a regular 2500A hacked firmware or should I look for something else. Basically I want to get the latest correct hakced firmware for this drive so wouldn’t damage it.


The “safest” firmware will be the official NEC fw that is already loaded on your drive.

The hacked firmwares give no guarantee against damaging your drive and void your warranty when they are used. You must use them at your own risk.
That being said, I have not heard of anyone having a bad experience when using Herries/TDB ripspeed unlocked/RPC1 firmwares. Check the sticky at the top of this forum for links.

Is it not a 2100 drive?

Dell only backs the +R(W) format so I would doubt they would ship a drive which supports -R(W) disks. The specs on the Dell sites only list +R writing where writers are fitted.

There is a hacked firmware that allows you to write -R(W) disks on Dell shipped drives.

see here

To reinforce what blinky says, the drive is going to be a ND-2100A, not a ND-2500A. Dell only supports DVD+ formats, and doesn’t ship dual format drives.

It was for that reason that I passed on the DVD writer offered from the Dell factory when I ordered my Dell Precision 650 - the price Dell wanted for what would have been a ND-1100A at that time was ridiculous. I ordered the machine with a CD-RW instead, then fitted a ND-2500A more recently.


some guy wanted to sell me the drive but it was from a Packard Bell and over the phone he just said Bell while I understood Dell.

thanks anyway

I still have no dvd-writer (in fact I only had a cd-rw Plextor 48X that I already sold) as he changed his mind so I think I’ll buy a new one and I have two options: Nec 2500A and Lite-on LDW-851S. Which one should I get?

PS I think Lite-on’s support is a little better.

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