Nec 2500 bitsetting question

Does the 2500 support +rw and -rw bitsetting with firmware ugrade,
any info would be helpful.

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Bitsetting or (booktype) is for +R/+RW/+DL ONLY. There’s no need need to bitset -R/-RW. The whole point of bitsetting +RW is to make it dvd-ROM which makes it more compatible with dvd players having a hard time reading +R.

Yes …there are many firmwares avail that allow you to bitset +R/+RW/+DL

There are MANY threads on this subject…use the “Search” function.


Look at for a run through of the different FW’s.

Otherwise look at for a collection…

I recommend Mad Dog 2F7 firmware for this drive. I am using it on a 2510 (same hardware) with very good results. There is a version of Winbtype that allows +R(W) bitsetting with this firmware. You can search 2F7 for more info…

if only + needs bitsetting, whats the advantage of using + over-.

+R with bitsetting to DVD-ROM gives highest settop player compatibility.
Many burners yield better quality burns on +R than -R. Lite-on drives are a good example.

Thanks everyone for your replies