Nec 2500 B/r

Hi there

First time I’ve posted in this forum and I just wanted to know the difference in the model nos.

I’m looking to buy my first DVDr and have decided to go with this particular model after reading the many posts here and in the LiteOn forum.

Your help would be appreciated.


There is only one ND-2500 available !
The B letter in some online-stores is only for BULK (Just the Drive without software).
R means RETAIL or something like that.
Go with a BULK version if you have no need for a burning prog !

Best wishes


@chrome307, you’ve made the right choice!
Now is a better time than ever to obtain an NEC ND-2500A

Many thanks!

I just ordered online from the drive for approximately 60.00 GBP

Looking forwarding to receiving it next Friday…there’s some many posts here to search through, but I just wanted to know the best/stable (write quality) firmware to update my drive when I receive it…chompin’ at the bit…eager!! LOL