Nec 2500 as reader

hi, i’m in very lack of money and i need a dvd reader/burner, so, i can use only a nec to read and burn or i will ruin it fast ? it is so important to have a separate reader ?


Hi zerathul
Plenty of people use there burner to read and write so don’t be worried about wearing it out. Its slower to rip on a burner and to do read speed tests.So if time is not important go for it, the NEC is a great drive.

Hello,now i have a Nec 2500a but my previous dvd burner was a Sony DRU 500A and i use burner ONLY to burn DVD,i have a Dvd-Reader,CD Writer and Dvd Burner.
But the Sony was broken after a year for usure of laser,wrong bytes written and if the dvd is with archive compressed,generate a crc error if a byte is written different… In divx or mp3 was ok and the difference is not visible (but was a difference…)

Now,i use the Nec only for burn dvd,and i recomend to use the reader only to burn.

Listen,i burn media about 8 years :cop: ,i was one of first person to have a Dvd Burner and i think i have lot of experience.

Sorry for english but i’m italian