Nec 2500 and PRODISC R03

I’m thinking about buying 100 of the following DVD+R’s. Datawrite (8x) DVD+R in Spindle Tubs of 25. But i want to make sure they work and will be coaster free before i buy em, so can anyone give me a good recommendation on these, or should i avoid em like the plague?

Works great! I burned some Intenso DVD+R 8x PRODISC R03, here is my results.

Nec 2500a FW HP 1.28 bitsetting

Intenso DVD+R 8x PRODISC R03 burned and “scanned” at 8x

Nero CD-DVD speed

Also used Bulkpaq Prodisc R03 Printables - work very nicely :smiley:

Bulkpaq using Prodisk R03? :eek: That’s strange… most of Bulkpaq media are crap… :iagree:

I have used those exact DVDs from SVP with my NEC2510 (FW2.06). They are ROCK SOLID !
I have PI errors max value about 16 and an average of 7 on most DVDs i have burnt. Speed graphs are perfect for everyone & movies play great in my 4 year old Sony DVD player.
I wasted lots of time with crappy unreliable Riteks inc. Datasafe ones. PRODISC all the way for me ! 110% recommended !

my experience with them has not been so positive
these were badged memorex 8x… i was expecting another bunch of ricoh like r01 or r00 perhaps maybe r02 or something instead i got this crap. :a

Grand thanks. I’ll buy a bundle soon (when my existing DVd-R’s run out). Then its burning heaven (hopefully).

another question, what other brands would come recommended from this list?

I have used the Bulkpaq Printables DVD+R 4X (PRODISC R02) and burning them at 8X using Herrie’s 2k5017v2b5dld firmware with good results.

I got another pack with 10 Intenso DVD+R 8x Prodisk R03, but now i upgraded my Nec 2500a to Herrie’s FW 2.16 DL Bitsetting. See my scan, very good disks :slight_smile:

Guys I’ve burned prodisc R03 (brand Prodisc DVD+R) with my NEC 2500 (1.08) two months ago. The disc is starting to become unreadable (whereas at the beginning it was fine). I find them to be very unreliable! In almost all the prodiscs I’ve burned , 2-3 months later the discs start to become unreadable in one area of the disc. Mostly towards the end of the disc. i.e. i’ve burned a disc with 20 videos in it. 2-3 months later files towards the end of the disc don’t play. And I mean in ALL the prodiscs R03 I’ve burned. I have a feeling that soon nothing will be readable.

End of a disc, precisely after the 4GB mark, is the troublezone.