Nec 2500 and a lot of errors!


I have this Nec and i tried some different DVD.
I use Nero 6.3.17, FW 1.07, i burn always at 2x. I have Winxp and only Nero to test and reduce program problems.
I checked the dvd with a Toshiba reader with original FW

  1. Ritek -R g04 by Nierle (violet color). When the burning is finished i get “ok, good copy”.
    With Nero Speed i get a lot of file error and a lot of sector (red) that cannot read.

1 example

  1. memorex (ID: CMC MA G AF1), i got 1 perfect.
    two of them i got ok till the surface analys where i found 4 red sector that cannot be read, but i tried all file and they seem ok

  2. Tdk +RW, perfect

  3. No name -RW perfect

Do you thik it can be a problem of the nec burner?
Or i’m not so lucky with DVD media?

Please, help me, i cant continue to trash media :bow:

see u


I havn’t heard of that brand of G04 but perhaps they are popular in your country, G04 media has been known to be sold in bad batches, if you’ve been unlucky enough to get a bad batch i’m affraid there isn’t a lot you can do about the errors
Ritek G04 is a 4X media, is there any reason you burn them at 2X?
Try burning at 4X

Also check the faq here just to make sure your configuration is correct (IDE channels set to DMA rather than PIO)

This one

I burned at 2x hoping to get better result…
With CD is better (IMHO) burn slower to get better and much more durable backup



Ah! Ridisc :slight_smile:
They are usually one of the better ones, i use the printable ones and they work very well. As i said, try a burn @ 4X, see how that works out, but also check your configuration before burning any more discs. :wink:

Your burner appears to be fully functional due to the fact that you can burn other disc types without any issues.
I would suggest that you try Herries 107v2b5 firmware!
This firmware uses a BETTER writing strategy, which increases the burn quality on moderate quality RitekG04 discs.

A quick translation of a subject in a dutch forum:
Sorry if my english is not so good, i’m doing my best.

This quote is from Conrexx Technology, according to them Ritek’s European branch office:

next to producing for OEM customers like Fuji, Ritek delivers 3 own brands.
Traxdata, Arita and Ridata.
For Traxdata and Ridata goes that they must be of top quality and that they don’t perform less then the product that they deliver to their OEM customers.
For these own brands the latest technology in production of new media is always used, and in Europe always to be released at first by the name of Traxdata.
So these are always A grade products of Ritek.
The Artita products, which are a lot cheaper, are also of high quality but these are for example so called “overprints”.
These are because of a print error no longer usable for A brand products and are over printed with the Arita name. (that’s why they always are green or purple, etc)
Also the Ritek B grade media is sold under the name of Arita, this explains the quality differences that sometimes occur.
We also want to inform you that Ricoh media is not bought by Ritek.
Ricoh does not manufactor media, Ritek does.
The technology and know how is from Ricoh and Ritek produces the media.
Ritek however also produce their own 4X and 8X +R dvd media, which have the mediacode: R02 and R03.

So what i’m trying to say is that if you want Ritek mediacoded dvd’s, always go for Traxdata or Ridata.
See my kprobe scan of a Traxdata dvd-r (ritekG04) burned at 6 speed.

Thanks for the translation Nikneem. :slight_smile: