NEC 2500 A problem, please help

Hi, Trying to install my new NEC ND2500A Burner and my computer is not recognizing something is there.

64 Ge Force
Win XP SP1
Lite on 16102B CDRW
LG DVD Drive
new Nec 2500A

I want to have two drives, one for Playing Dvd’s and burning Dvd’s etc… One for Burning Cd’s playing cd’s, Vcd etc…
I first removed the Dvd drive and replaced it with the DVD-RW and at first it would not recognize the DVDRW just the CDRW. I then restarted my PC and then it doesn’t recognize either and nothing happens when I put media in either.
Power is on and cables are in the exact place.
Then I unplugged the DVDRW and left the CDRW plugged, I restarted and then the CDRW showed up, then I plugged in the DVDRW while the PC was on and it still wouldn’t pick it up… tried restarting again and opening closing Nothing… I need Help, bad…

Would it be better to get rid of the CDRW and put back the DVD drive and the DVDRW. I do want two drives so there is specific functions, not to have one do everything… I know a little anal…but hey… If I could have all three at once I would.

Thanks guys for all the help, I really appreciate it…I got all excited then this sh!T happens, nothing is ever easy:sad: :bow: :Z

I wouldn’t hotplug (connect and disconnect with the power on) IDE optical drives, but maybe that’s me being unnecessarily picky. Even if the hardware survives, it’s unlikely that things will be initialised correctly.

Before changing anything else, I’d switch the power off.

With the system powered up and the drive you’re removing in place, make sure you know which drive is primary and which secondary on the IDE channel you’re using (if you don’t know in the current setup, Nero InfoTool will tell you - you can get a free copy if you don’t have Nero from here).

Before connecting the ND-2500A to the cable, the best thing to do is to set the jumper to Master or Secondary explicitly, depending on what Nero InfoTool told you was set for the drive you’re replacing. The information about the jumper is printed on the label on the top of the drive (it probably says MA or SE - with the third option being CS).

Hopefully things will then work.


Thanks I will try that when I get a chance.
If there is anythign else I should know please tell, i would really appreicate it.


If you still have problems afterwards, take a look at the Troubleshooting guide.

Thanks, i got’s it working and it’s great, used Fuji Film DVD+R and it’s awesome.
FYI, I used Cloned DVD and the extra features on the dvd copy were not responding when I played it in my stand alone DVD player, everything else did.
But when I used InstantCopy 8.0 this was the Sh!t, my original dvd was 5.09GB so a identical copy of the original in every way. And no flaws at all…
Use 8.0 and get the patch…to kill the trial…
by the way it took 40 minutes from start to end burn, not sure that’s good or not, but hey for the quality I can’t complain. When I was doing DVD to VCD it took sometimes 20hrs from start to end burn…

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