NEC 2500 A "Drive Is In Use By Another Application"

I have a NEC DVD RW 2500 A. Using Nero 6 Ultra to burn dvd’s. Nero copies the image just fine. When it goes to burn the image on the dvd disk, It returns message “Drive Is In Use By Another Application”. THe burn process fails. This is with all dvd’s. This started After installing Windows XP SP2. So, i removed it. But I’m still getting the error. HELP !!

Get rid of INCD

I searched my entire drive for INCD. Does not exist. Checked in NERO settings, dont see it there either. Dont know where else to look. This also happens using SHRINK as well. :frowning: Anymore suggestions are welcome.

How about the build in burner application in Win XP? Go to the properties tab for that drive, choose burning (or something like that, I am look at my Swedish copy of XP) and turn it off. I have never used it, but it may behave like a packet writer.

Have you updated nero to the latest nero version, there where some problems with versions before (i think)