NEC 2500 & 3530 wont read -R from LG GWA-4161B

I burned several dvd-R (different brands and burnspeed) on an LG GWA-4161B (in a new HP computer) and the discs fail to read in the same spots on both NEC drives (each NEC in a different computer). However they could read an +RW made in the LG drive, but I don’t normally use that format. The dvd-Rs read fine on a BenQ1640 drive, so I don’t think they’re the problem. It seems like NEC doesn’t like LG dvd-R burns. Any ideas or fixes? All 3 computers use Windows XP.

What FS were used, what software and Multisession or not and were the -R fixated?
What specific media?

I have seen this noted in numerous Nero log files “Disc Fixated” or “Disc not Fixated” and do not understand what this means.

Would someone enlighten a newby please?

Thank you.

Most likely, finalized or not finalized. Finalized means no more data can be written to the given disc (whereas a non-finalized, multi-session disc can be additionally written to).