NEC 2500/2510 with old computers?

Anyone using an NEC 2500 or 2510 with an old computer?

I have the following PC and would like to know if it would work with the new drive:

P2-266 / 256MB RAM
Abit LX6
Mitsumi 4802 4X CD-RW (the NEC will be replacing this)
Windows 2000
Maxtor HD 7200RPM w/ 2MB buffer

I don’t mind if I have to burn disks a little slower in the old system. Just want to know if the drive will work.

Will it work? Yes.

Will it work the way you want? Probably not.

The speed of burning is not the issue. The speed of transcoding video when backing up a DVD will be. You’ve got a very limited memory bus (66MHz) compared to today’s machines, plus a very slow processor, and a mainboard that doesn’t have an Ultra-ATA controller, and you’re probably going to have issues.

My suggestion would be to look into the following possible configurations, depending on your budget.

Super low budget config: New 100MHz/133MHz bus Socket 370 mainboard, using a 100MHz bus Celeron or P3 processor (say, 850MHz to 1GHz), keeping everything else the same. Greatly increased performance for not a lot of money. I recently bought a new-in-box good quality MSI board like this for the machine I have built for my fiancee’, with onboard ethernet and sound on Ebay for $35 plus shipping. The 1GHz Tualatin-core Celeron cost me another $40, new in retail box, also on Ebay, which meant the heatsink/fan was included. I’m running XP Pro on that box with 512MB of RAM and an 80GB Caviar SE hard disk, and it is quite smooth.

Low budget config:
Socket A mainboard, Nforce2 400 chipset. AMD Athlon XP 2500+ retail box processor. One 256MB PC-2700 memory module (two if you have the money, as the Nforce2 can do dual channel memory making it even faster). Cost is slightly more, but speed picks up considerably. If you want an inexpensive solution that is still upgradeable over time, get a mainboard with onboard video and an AGP slot too; this will allow you to use the mainboard’s video, but upgrade someday if you wish.

Transcoding on my Athlon XP 2500+ (not including burning, etc) is usually a 45 minute process with most DVD’s. If your P2-266 could do it without errors (read: dropped frames or glitches in audio/video picture and sync) it would probably take nearly a day per disc. I simply wouldn’t do it without a hardware upgrade.

Thanks for the reply, LoneWolf15.

I intend to use the NEC for backing up data, not backing up DVDs. Sorry, probably should of mentioned that. Though I did try DVDShrink to backup a few 10-minute clips from my old Pioneer 103. It worked fine. If I wanted to backup DVDs regulary, I’d take your suggestion and upgrade. But again, the only thing being backed up is data from the HD.

Still interested in hearing from anyone using an NEC with an old computer …

I had my 2500a in my P3 450Mhz with 300Mb RAM without any problems. Worked like a charm. The step from P2 266 to P3 450 is not that big. I would guess that you are ok with it.
I got a P3 800Mhz processor from a friend which I am using now instead of the 450.

The difference between a P2-266 and a P3-450 is bigger than one might think. It is not just a difference of MHz…It is also a change to a 100MHz memory bus, a more advanced cache architecture, and likely an upgrate to UltraATA-66 support for hard disks.

For backing up data only though Odysseus, things should probably work. Most important things are to make sure your disks are fully defragged before backup, allowing your writing program to have exclusive access to the CPU, ensuring that your writer and hard disk are both running in DMA mode, and if adjustable, allocating a decent amount of system memory to caching the process.

P.S. Check out the following link:

a P2-333 CPU for $8.50. Should match your mainboard and at that price, sounds worth it to me.

Thanks again LoneWolf and DJ Farid.

I’ve actually decided to use a spare P3-450 machine for the NEC drive.


Bought the 2510, ended up using it on my P2-266 440LX mobo. The drive installed with no problems and was immediately recognized. All I had to do was enable DMA mode. Burnt two CDs, 1 data, 1 audio, both successful.

        Drive Type = DVD DUAL 
         Disc Type = CDR
          Material = Phthalocyanine
           Lead In = 97:16:06
          Lead Out = 79:59:73
  Nominal Capacity = 702.83MB
Manufacturer Maybe = RiTEK,PNY,MB India,Gigastorage
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 20X (Write)
Brand = 24X Memorex Black CD-R 700MB

Two questions:

  1. Both SmartBurn and RecordNow report a speed limit of 20X on these discs, even though the advertised speed is 24X. How is the 20X speed limit determined?

  2. Tried scanning a freshly burnt disc with KProbe2 but the graphs show up blank. What am I doing wrong?

  1. The firmware only supports those discs at 20X.
    (The difference between 20X and 24X is almost nothing, so don’t worry about it)

  2. Kprobe doesn’t work on NEC drives, read the sticky(s) at the top of the forum.

Just bought a NEC2500A.
I have a Pavilion 6746C w:
733 Cele
256 MB
I currently have a stock CD writer in it.

Do you think I’ll be OK to install the NEC and back-up DVD’s?

Thanks in advance!

You’ll be okay, though things might be a bit slow. Converting from a 66MHz bus Celeron to a 100MHz bus P3 will give you a fair bit of performance for a very modest price.

P-3 1.1GHz (100MHz bus), one left, $89. They’re kind of hard to find this fast at 100MHz, thus the price, but that should give you quite a boost, were you so inclined, and you’d probably be able to use your existing RAM. Also, it has double the cache of your Celeron, 256k instead of 128k.

I think the main concern most people should have is not whether your CPU is “fast enough” but rather if you can sustain 10 MB/s thruput from your hard drive to the burner (for 8x burning). The thruput is affected I’m sure by CPU, FSB, RAM and all that other good stuff, but I don’t think MHz alone (or CPU generation) plays a super huge role. (e.g. You could have a P2-266 and an Ultra320 setup and I’m sure that would work perfectly, although IDE is somewhat of a resource hog.)

Still having issues…Just backed up a DVD and everything looked like it went correctly.
Remember (have the FAT32 file system).
Used shrink then Nero to burn…
I am going to try to do it again and check the box that automatically uses NERO.
PS I have the 1 Gig file checked as well on Shrink…
Any suggestions?
This is strarting to become a real PITA…
I can’t afford to spend any more $$$…Does anyone have a step by step for burning using Shrink, Dercypter, and or NERO…All newest releases…
If someone can help, I’d be forever grateful.

Thanks Wesociety. Very informative FAQ.

DVDInfoPro’s error test works fine. However, Nero CD Speed 3.0 gives “Error initializing test” on the NEC 2510. Don’t know if it happens to anyone else.

This to me looks like there some problem with your system. I myself got an old Duron 800 oc´ed to 1000 and i can rip and transcode 3 hour movies in about 30-35 minutes.
I have (of course!) Herries beta 5 firmware so i can rip an DVD5 in about 11 minutes (1:1 copy) and i have never had any problems with any degrading or pixelations in any movie i burnt.

Although i have my machine as tweaked as is gets, i still can’t see how i can gain about 10 minutes on an XP +2500!

Sounds kinda weird, that’s all…

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Glad that it was helpful. :smiley: