NEC 2500 / 2510 burning problems




I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with 2500 and 2510 drives, altho I’ve been able to test it on three types of media. I’m having horrible quality burns with this latest 2510 using 2.17 firmware and Verbatim 2x DVD-R media.

Media code : MCC 00RG200

00000000 00 2A 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 50 00 02 87 0D 13 .*…@…P…
00000010 88 99 80 00 03 4D 43 43 20 30 30 00 04 52 47 32 …MCC 00…RG2
00000020 30 30 20 00 05 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 0E 40 00 A8 00 …@…

Tried the previous 2500 drive with several Herrie’s firms too, but the quality was allways really bad. In addition to Verbatim, I’ve tried Prodye Gold and Philips DVD+R , which gave me the best results, whereas the Prodye was unreadable with my JLMS drive…

Here’s the result of my last burn with this drive.

<img src=“”>

I have friends with LG drives and they’ve been doing great quality burns with this media. Is NEC really this allergic to these Verbatim discs?


No. Sounds like a duffer drive to me. Or just a bad batch of media? Verbatim MCC media burn great usually. Try a modded firmware. Or try with someone elses Verbatim if they have some. If you still get bad results then get it replaced. By the way. Testing using the 166S is unreliable. You have to force the drive to 4x with CD-BREMSE and then run KProbe at 4x. But this is only a general indication of quality. It is not accurate. You need a Lite-On Burner or Benq to do accurate testing.


I’ve gotten it replaced twice already… this is my third drive. The first two 2500 did equally bad with these Verbatims no matter what firmware I used. Tried several Herrie’s mods.

I try doing new scans using the settings you suggested, but the test gave atleast some hint of quality. The philips DVD+RW had somewhat less errors and my friends were actually able to view the contents with their standalones.

Only thing that could ready those Verbatims was my Grundig standalone player… which seems to eat allmost anything. I have one Verbatim DVD-R 4x here with media code MCC 01RG20. I’ll loose all hope if that thing burns as bad as the 2x.


I noticed no mention of how you have this drive installed. I had similar issues with my 2500a when I bought it last year until I isolated it on the IDE channel and set the drive to Master. I also had to un-install my Nvidia IDE drivers (someone on these boards found out that the Nvidia IDE drivers don’t play nice with the 2500a) and allow windows to drop some default IDE drivers in their place. Since then, I’ve had few issues. I now have a slaved CD-burner on the same IDE channel and still have a good burn success rate. Mind you I strictly use Ritek media (G03s and G04s) but it’s worth a shot.