NEC 2500@2510: a lot of coasters

Hi, I read most of the threads, pinned and regular ones. I am running winxp on NF7S, an MB based on nvidia chipset. At first nero was casuing the windows to freeze each time I burned. Then I removed the nforce ide driver and use microsoft ide driver. Then it behaves weird. The simulation finished but a lot of wait for the read buffer, i.e., the writing was forced to stop and wait for the read buffer to recover. Then the actual burn failed at like 90% saying I/O read error. I did make sure the drive is running in udma mode 2, the highest option available in ide channel where the drive is on. I used perfectdisc 6.0 to analyze the hdd and it reported none action was required. Any other actions to take for me?

What version of Nero?? Now I installed sonic recordnow deluxe to test burn. It burns well but using nero cd speed to do a surface scan you can see a lot of unreable blocks. Trying alcohol now. But I really prefer to use nero.

Now I got it. It was because I pu the image file on my partition d, which is on an ide hdd, maxtor ata 133, whereas my os is on sata. If I put the image on c: then it will burn fine and without read error on it. However, the other one of my pc has the same MB and CPU, and also ide hdd , sata hdd layout. Only different drives, it is pioneer a06. And I have always put the image on ide drive and no problem. I also noticed the nec drive failed to do a quality burn on fujufile03 dvd-r 8x discs.

Does anyone know why this would happen? The read errors on my burned dvd with source on ide hdd?

no idea unless it is bufferunderruning a lot.

Don’t know if that’s the bottom line answer but continue with what works !
I’ve got the same MB with 2 60g wd drives in raid 0 ,winxp pro, fat 32 ,3 partitions ,sata with the op system.
And 1 80g on a ide hdd, NTSF winxp pro , with the 1 partition and movies stored there also. I was planning to move the data from the raid 0 sata to the 80 for safekeeping while I converted the raid setup to NTSF.
Anyway, I can burn from any of the partitions in the raid setup or the ide drive ?
Keep using whats working for now but the problem is underlying somewhere !
Just a question, but are you putting the movies in a specified Folder and not in the root directory on the drive and have you defraged the drives ? Shot in the dark !!

Again I am confused. Since I had success burn with the iso file on sata, I thought it may not be the nforce driver issue so I went back to nforce ide driver thinking it might better fit the md. And it works fine with nforce. Then I thought why not try one last time to burn from the ide, guess what, I had a couple of success burns. So I am back to the original state: nforce driver, dma enabled, image on ide hdd , but with success burn? Guess I have to do more cross testing to see if this really is going to last. Or God just play some tricks on me? :confused:

Wait a minuite.
You’re bringing back some bad memories when you said ISO images. I remember the same problems and going thru all of the driver changes and the hit and miss success !!! I was trying to use DVD Decrypter and DVDShrink. It was ME !!! For one thing, I needed NTSF not Fat 32 file system for iso images (4 gig limitation). I was so fustrated I went out and paid $99 bucks for xcopy platinum (dumb a$$). Well it worked ,no i/o read errors and completed burns.
After 4 burns and not being able to copy from the disk platinum created and the lack of control over how and what I burned, I tried just using DVDSHRINK and Nero. PROBLEM SOLVED !!!
I’m into my 200th burn without a problem.
Give it a try, nothing to loose, lot of time to gain !
Try DVD Shrink to rip and encode and nero to burn. Go back to the MS DRIVER

Thanks for the idea. But I am not creating the iso files myself. I get it from the web so it is not up to me which software to use to rip the original dvd. Anyway, I just found out that the two successful burns from the ide hdd, I was using very old media, which is only 1x, but can overclock at 2x. All the previous burns, I was using ritek g04, r03, or fijifilm 8x media at 4x or 8x. Maybe thats why I have successful burns last two times. I am going to try the 4x/8x media out again when I have time.

So you suggest microsoft ide driver, rather than the nforce? Why?

because the nforce ide driver has trouble with… well wait a sec let me explain why nvidia wrote the driver.

nvidia as a company is not a very honest company they have been caught several times writing graphics drivers that work for sh*t but benchmark well. the nforce chipset drivers continue this tradition. unlike the generic M$ ide drivers they are designed to look good during hard drive benchmark tests. so they leave out some of the synchronizing and compatibilities that the Generic has in favor of high speed hard drive stuff. optical drives even cdroms have issues with these drivers and with good reason. optical, mlt, and other atapi devices have huge problems with these drivers… and the kicker is that in real world use there is NO difference between these and the M$ drivers.

so if you want something that is unreliabe and fast to benchmark go with the nvidia if you want to be secure in having it work then go with the standard M$.

on the subject of iso files i have dealt with them also and had to create an ntfs partition to deal with them. my solution is to use ultraiso to strip them out of the iso image mostly just to check that the files are playable.

looking at your original post:

the writing was forced to stop and wait for the read buffer to recover. Then the actual burn failed at like 90% saying I/O read error.

it actually looks like bufferunderrun due to slow reading performance. I/O read error also appears to be something where the source could not provide data quick enough. it may be that there are damaged sectors on the ide drive and when you copied it back and forth you put it on an undamaged part of the drive.