NEC 2150A - Can this drive burn DL video DVD's?

I own this drive and for the first time i tried to burn a DL DVD video the other day but the computer rejected it? Firstly, my software (Adobe Encore) said its not the right type of disc. So then i build my DVD movie to the hard drive so i could burn it with Nero, but again the drive ejected the disc saying it no good??

The DL layered DVD im using are ‘ridisc brand printable, made by ritek’ quoted from seller.

Can anyone help. The seller of the DVDs has told me i need to upgrade to a newer drive i.e. NEC 3500, 3520 or Pioneer 108, 109 - is this the case?

Any help is much appreciated.


Do you, by any chance, mean the NEC 2510A (instead of 2150A)?

Oops! Yes I do!!

The 2510 is a dual layer burner which will handle +R dl media. I believe the view is that ritek is not advisable & Verbatim is the one to go for.