NEC 2100AD Refuses to read anything

After buying an I/O Magic +/- DL DVD burner at Staples I took out the NEC 2100AD DVD burner that came with my Dell. I put the drive in a new Compaq I had bought, where it worked but refused to read any discs. I assumed this was some kind of thing Dell did to the drive to make it only work in their computers. (I got a Dazzle Mojave thing to add S-Video and other TV ports to my computer, which Dell made only work in the software that they included with my computer.) So I realized that the I/O Magic drive burns DVDs that my iBook refuses to read. I’m going on a trip today and wanted to burn my entire music library to DVD to listen to with my iBook. So I put the NEC drive back in my Dell, the computer recognizes it fine, but it still refuses to read any discs.

Anyone know how to fix the drive? Thanks.

Also I upgraded the firmware to 2510 firmware after seeing I was able to on these forums right before posting this. It now comes up fine as a 2510, but still says there is no disc in the drive no matter what disc I put in.

Are you sure that you are not trying to burn DVD-R/RW discs on your drive without using a patched 2100@2510 firmware and without converting your burner to a 2500/2510 drive.

It won’t read any disc I put in at all. DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Bought Movie DVDs, CDs, VCDs, SVCDs. I put the disc in the drive starts to read, my mouse shows a little CD image to show that it is reading a disc, then nothing happens. If I look at the drive in Nero or My Computer it says the drive is empty.

After you insert a disc. What does the drive LED do? Will it turn on for about 5-10 seconds and then turn off again? If it does, you should try to access the drive from a different OS or from a different OS installation.

I’ll check when I get back home on Thursday. I know it lights up and blinks a little, I’m not sure if it turns off or not.