NEC 2.18 including bitsetting support




I just wanted to know if anyone is interested in testing a patched NEC 2.18 firmware including bitsetting support for single layer DVD+R and DVD+RW?
I used the bitsetting code from MadDog 2.fa and integrated it into the 2.18 firmware. The firmware is completely untested and may give unpredictable results, but I hope it works as expected.
Riplock is removed, RPC1 included and the firmware can be downloaded here. If you don’t have Binflash or any other flasher, you can use this version with integrated flasher.

Any results (whether positive or negative) are highly appreciated.



PS : Can I ask (for Christmas ?) a NEC 2xx0 firmware with new NEC 3500 2.18 DL 2.4x strategies inside ? Or are you aware of something coming from NEC for “old” 8X burners (less than six months is old now :frowning: …).


The Firmware page is updated with this latest firmware from Liggy. Thanks.

Also available the NEC 2.FA based on the Mad Dog 2.FA.


Flash went ok and I’m able to change booktype. Nothing to burn at the moment, but so far so good.



I would have waited until someone can report a success on this one :o


I can say that the flash was OK and I can change between DVD+R and DVD-ROM on DVD+R, DVD+R9 and DVD+RW.

On the page I did make it clear that it’s Beta firmware! :iagree:


Good job liggy =)


Qikee2, still work in progress with your NecDump tool?


Cool, now all we need is some stratswaps. Sorry that we are asking so much of your time Liggy.


+R bitsetting works :slight_smile:


I can confirm that +R bitsetting works indeed! Just burned a DVD+R disc:

This is a real breakthrough for NEC firmware modding. Great work Liggy, you rule!


ScorpioSoft: Yep… I’ll send you a beta… that you’ll see what’s new =)


any windows flashers coming up for this firmware ?


hmm… use binflash =)


Hi all, I’m new here, I need some advices, please.
I have flashed my NEC-3500AG with the official 2.18 firmware, now I want to test the new Liggy firmware (based upon 2.18); could somebody tell me how to proceed?
Is it safe or could it be dangerous ('cause I have the official 2.18 already flashed) ?

Please help me.

P.S.: sorry for my english but I’m Italian :wink:


Nice piece of work Liggy :slight_smile:
Burns exactly like normal 2.18 but with bitsetting :smiley:
Will we be seeing this firmware in beta 9?


It is safe as long as you don’t live in an area with constant power blackouts…

Download the “218btrpc1.rar” file (link in the first post of this thread) and unpack it to a folder of your choice. Download Liggy’s excellent flashing tool Binflash (Win32 GUI version), unpack it to a folder of your choice and start the “NECWinFlash.exe”. Now, click on the “Flash” button, and choose the firmware you unpacked in the first step (“218btrpc1.bin”). Confirm the next window popping up (warning message), and the flashing process will start. Wait for the whole process to finish, and reboot afterwards. You are done.


Liggy, is your NEC flasher compatible with the buggy NVIDIA IDE drivers? I have tested that the official NEC flashers work without a problem. Does this mean that these unofficial utilities will also not have a problem, or should I remove the NV IDE before trying them?


Cheers Liggy !

I have just upgraded the FW of my brand new 3500 to your release.
I will burn a Datawrite 8x DVD+R (ProDisc) with DVDROM bitsetting later & up my results.




Hmm, if you read Liggy´s post, you can´t miss it.

Just push the “flash” button and your drive will be updated. :wink: