NEC 16x 3500 rebate help



I hope someone can help me. I accidentily threw away the NEC box before copying the upc symbol/code for the rebate from PCConnection. Can someone post a copy of if for me here? The upc symbol number is 50927248979 and all the boxes are the same.


Usually rebated require the original UPC (cut from the box). So unless you get an actual UPC cut from a box, your most likely out of luck.


Thanks, I double checked the rebate form and it only asks for a photocopy of UPC symbol with number 50927248979.


Hey sevenmarch…
I sure hope your rebate is AT LEAST $30.00. If it’s not, you had better check newegg before you purchase again. I got one 2 weeks ago for $62.00 and free shipping. Got another one today for $65.00 with free shipping.


My rebate is for $50, total cost of $67 with shipping, tax, plus a Fuji 50 pack DVD-R.


That’s a nice buy!!!


the upc number can also be 0000055682015. Anyone’s help is much appreciated.