Nec 1300a

I have a problem with the dvd write speed
I use nero n it reads the drive with a max write speed of only 2x n there is nothing more to choose only 2x
I have tried to upgrade the filmware but with no luck so what can I do the change this problem back to 4x

You’ll need to use discs that work at 4x

I’ve tried but still no luck even nero reads the dvd drive with only 2x in the drive info:confused:
n it dosen’t let me choose what speed I like
n there is also a problem with disk at once in dvd function it just dosen’t work is there something wrong with my rom ??:bow: :rolleyes: :eek: :a

Seems like you did not get it.

Get some QUALITY 4X discs and try again :slight_smile: For example verbatim, ricoh or maxell…

Many cheap 4X discs will not work or will work at 2X only. Also if you insert a disc that the drive SUPPORTS writing at 4X, then nero should show 4X :wink:

thanx :cool: I’ll Get some QUALITY 4X discs in my area and try again :bigsmile: