Nec 1300a


I am thinking of buying this drive, but have received conflicting information about the firmware flash.

Firstly, are there any known problems with this drive, and secondly, which version of the flash is best, the NEC one or one of the hacked ones? If hacked ones are ok, which is the best one?

I am using XP with NTFS, and boot disks can’t usually access this file system. Is there a way to back up the original firmware and flash the new one without using Windows, as this sometimes causes problems.

If not, which is the best way to flash within windows, as people say that you have to turn off DMA and system restore etc.


What’s the need of flashing if your drive works fine?

I’ve a nec 1300a since a few months, works great with princo’s
2 speed, why should i flash my drive?

The hacked one is always the best. The best version untill now will be released shortly :slight_smile: Flashing in Windows should go OK. Just be sure no software is trying to access the drive while flashing :wink:

For the hacked firmwares: :slight_smile:

It’s a good drive. Don’t let you get down by negative stories. It always burn correctly, if you don’t use the princo’s. It’s crap. Use verbatim or imation instead. Also works on the x-box!

Grt:cop: :smiley: :cool: :bigsmile:

Does anybody know of a list of compatible media/brands for this drive

NEC’s site had their reccomended list of media.