Nec 1300a wont recignize dvd+r

hello everyone . i am a new person to this site. i have a nec 1300a that i put in my compaq. i have been burning alot of diffrent dvd’s and. i never had a bad problom untill the writer wont recignize the dvds. i am useing memorex dvd+r 16x… i have seen some of the other post but didnt know if anyone fixed theres for had to buy a new writer. i can put a cd in and burn it with no problom. but i put a dvd in either dvd+r or dvd-r. it wont see any of them in the writer when i go to burn a movie or any other file. if i buy another writer i want to get a lightscribe. which one you think is the best deal for the money and wont have to worry about replacing it in a few months or a year…

i have also tried to update the firmware but it didnt work.

Memorex dvd media is cheap & crappy.

Either buy better media like Verbatim or a new burner.

Try booting to a disc before replacing it, so you know its not your OS.