NEC 1300a - very bad CDR writes?


At work using many NEC 1300 drives to burn to many types of dvdr media, mostly +r, we have had no problems. There were some issues with dvd-r media but that went away with firmware 1.06/1.07 (the same anyway).

Thing is, using 3 drives with a few types of cdr media, we have had little success.

Media used is Mitsui Gold White Type 74/80 min type and other cheaper media. Either the record process starts and finishes with a write error - by which time the media is trashed, or the burn completes successfully but using CDSpeed scandisk there is a very large percentage of yellow blocks throughout the disc.

We have only had 3 successfull (all green) writes out of ten using 3 drives.

So, what are other peoples experiences with the 1300 and cdr media - those that actually run tests on burns that is.

I hadn’t tried to burn a cdr with mine before I saw this post. I use my Sony cdrw for that, but you got me curious. So I pulled out a cheap, nasty CMC cdr blank disk and burned it at the maximum speed the 1300 will go.

It burned just fine. The data is readable. Used cdspeed to test it with no problems. Also used DVDinfopro to test for errors and didn’t find any.

I will have to say I didn’t put a great deal of information on the disk, so this test may not give the complete picture. These cheap disks are unpredictable when burned all the way full.

Thanks for the reply - this is strange, but it is not one faulty drive, and all use official firmware as they are used at work.

Be nice to see any other replies to see if we are the only ones with a major problem.

I own a 1300a as well, and I’ve used the CDR burning feature a couple of times already (normally I use either my LiteOn or Plextor CDRW drive). I’ve never had any problems with the 1300a burning CDRs. The discs I have been using were all cheap discs (Ritek, Prodisc).

I’ve been using Herrie’s firmwares (here) since a couple of months and it just works fine… (be aware: installing an unofficial firmware revision may void your warranty!)…

I forgot to mention I am using one of Herrie’s firmware revisions. Maybe it is a deficiency in the official firmware?

You might try Herrie’s latest modified firmware on one of your drives and see if it solves your problem.