NEC 1300A - trouble reading

I’ve got a problem when I create DVD’s on the NEC 1300A - I’m using DVD+RW’s in the drive (Verbatim and Philips).

When the DVD has been created (Video DVD as opposed to Data) the disc is fine in the burner drive but unrecognised in PC DVD-ROM drives and my DVD player assumes the disc is empty.
I have been using Nero 6 and Clone DVD to create Video DVD.

If I create a Data DVD using Roxio, Nero or just the built in facility on Windows XP Pro the disc is unreadable in everything but the burner drive.

Please help!

try to find out what kind of disks your dvd players can read,

most likely yours cannot read dvd+rw

there’s a list of dvd players and their compatability on

My DVD player is also a DVD Video recorder, Philips DVDR1000 MKII, which is a DVD+RW recorder.

The weird thing is, if I format the blank DVD+RW in the video recorder first then put this formatted DVD into my PC burner the DVD which I then copy is playable everywhere on anything.

If I let the pc software format the blank disk then I get the issue of it not being read anywhere but the burner itself.

Does this problem only occur with DVD+RW, or also with any other type of DVDR disc?

I’ve only got DVD+RW discs.
I’ve just bought a DVD+R today so I’ll try this tonight.

Originally posted by micksevern
I’ve only got DVD+RW discs.
I’ve just bought a DVD+R today so I’ll try this tonight.

That’s a good thing to do! If the +R doesn’t work as well, I’d really get me a -R and try it as well. If that works, it could be that your hardware can’t read +R(W) discs, or perhaps needs a firmware update…

What DVD drive is in your computer by te way…?

I’ve got an external NEC ND-1300A which I connect with Firewire

Made a copy of a DVD using Clone DVD to a DVD+R and this was spot on. I can read it everywhere!

So the issue appears to be with DVD+RW

Last night I put in a brand new (never formatted) Philips DVD+RW in the burner and copied a DVD using Clone DVD. After it had finished I couldn’t read it anywhere, not even the drive that had just burnt it.

So I formatted the DVD+RW in windows xp (took ages), burnt the DVD and it was readable but only in the burner.

Perhaps there is a better formatting tool that I could use before I make the copy.

What firmware are you using?

My 1300a can burn Philips DVD+RW just fine, even my cheap DVD player (Cyberhome) plays the disc without hestitating…

It appears to be 1.06

If I record something onto the DVD+RW first from the TV on my DVD Video Recorder (then empty the disc in windows explorer)what’s is then recorded on the NEC drive is fine and playable everywhere. I’m convinced the problem lies with the way windows/dvd software is formatting the disc when it’s new, could it be formatting the disc in -RW instead of +

What software do you use to burn your DVD+RW?

I don’t think a + disc can be formatted as -, as they are quite different…

I mainly use Nero, but DVDLab also does the trick…

Maybe it’s an iso thingamajig - you can set the mode for recording to 1.02/1.05/1.1x or something for dvd modes (ISO’) on media, not sure if this comes into play when choosing to ‘erase’ a -rw/+rw media - probably not but a thought.

I’ve tried Verbatim and TDK and both are working spot on. They are readable everywhere.

The issue appears to be with the Philips DVD+RW discs. I’ve even updated the firmware to 1.08 and the problem persists with Philips discs.

I’ll just use the Philips discs in my DVD Video Recorder from now on.