Nec 1300A / Ritek G04 / Nero

Hello all,

I’ve got a power calibration error when i start burning a DVD-R. It concerns Ritek G04 disks (Ritek is the brand) at 4X only. However they work at 2X. I tried another brand, TDK, which have worked each time at 4X. I tested with both Nero and Nero 5.5.10.X. The firmware is up to date (1.08). Anyway i tried all of them, official and unofficial, since 1.05. Ritek G04 medias are supposed to be supported at 4X since this version actually.

I could burn my Ritek G04 at 4X only a very few times. Some people having the Nec 1300A have already reported the exact same thing as me. But for most people, there’s absolutely no problem. I don’t understand why it worked 2-3 times only and why TDK disks have no problem for burning at 4X. Yes, i could change the disks but TDK costs around 5 € /media which is almost 4 times more expensive. Plus, Ritek G04 disks are reported compatible on almost 100 DVD players !

Would you think the issue is hardware ? I’m doubtful. I read somewhere the problem may be the power supply or the temperature. My burner is on secondary master (alone). About the system, all my drivers are updated, XP too. Everything is stable so i’m kinda lost there.

Any help appreciated.

Since you say you have tried unofficial firmware I assume you’ve used the latest from Herrie?

His firmware usually does the trick on capatiblity problems with cheaper media.

One other thing you can do—try the Ritek G04 +R disks. Different writing strategy on the +R disks and may very well work. I’ve heard lots of good reports on them, though I don’t use cheap disks myself.

I know it doesn’t solve the speed problem with your -R disks, but at least you can burn them at 2x

Yes, i have tried Herrie’s firmwares.

Sure, i can still burn at 2X at least but it’s a bit frustrating when everything is supposed to work at 4X …