NEC-1300a resource hogger

Hi guys…

I’m running WinXP Pro on a 2.6 G (800 MHz FSB) and burn DVDs with the NEC mentioned above.
The NEC is completely up to date with official firmwares (to burn on Emtecs :)).
But when I burn on this drive I find it rather hogging my machine. Even when burning CDs, while the LiteOn 32x CDburner which is also in the machine really leaves the system alone. Don’t even notice that the thing is burning…
Now I heard some guy talking about DMA settings within XP or even NEC driver, but that’s all he knew about it.
Maybe u guys can provide me with some info ??


And hi all BTW (1st post :))

Go to Device Manager and turn on DMA for all drives on the IDE controller.

Solving the DMA problem in Windows XP

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