Nec 1300a problem

I am having problems !
When I install my 1300a in my home computer it works just fine. When I try to install it in an external case and attach it to my laptop (Toshiba, windows XP) it will begin a burn (DVD-R) but will stop with an error message after a few seconds. It will write CD-R’s with no problem.
any ideas?

u should consider posting the error msg so that we have more info to go on than the simple fact that u have a problem.

in Drag and Drop CD it told me the disk was dirty or damaged (error code 011-02-3026), in Nero it was a generic error occured.

Really urgent to know:
Youre use an USB or an PCMCIA Adapterkit (like Freecom) for connecting the Nec1300? If USB: Its USB 1 or USB 2.0?
If pcmcia: It`s an older 16bit or an newer oner 32Bit?

Sorry for my horrible english.


USB 2.0

I have exactly the same problem. Here is the complete error message:

check the disk for dirt or scratches. replace the disk and try again (i did with no luck) If you still see the problem, update the driver’s firmware or update the application.

It had been working fine up till then, btw!

Need urgent help!!



What for a firmware version you’ve?
I’ve on my good old 1300a Herries firmware v.10Cftv2
It’s a modified firmware but really good.
Also there’s on NEC’s Site the latest firmware 1.0B.

don’t know which firmware. how do you check? and how do you get hold of the firmware. I have a vaio grt 715 M. The error message occurred during drag and drop dvd program.

thanks a milliion


sorry not dvd i meant cd - thanks again!


The enclosure/chipset is crap.

With Nero for example you could check under option system, look
at drive, there you’ll find your current firmware.