Nec 1300A problem with princo


I got a problem. i bougth 200 dvd-r princo dvd’s 16X.
i have a nec 1300A dvd burner. But everytime i try to burn i get a calibration area full. that is in nero. all other programs just halt.

I updated firmware to the newest, but that doesnt help either. I’ve made alot of dvds before, but havent been making some for about half a year. i’ve tried to clean it, tried several different connections in hardware. but nothing works. usually when i get this type of error, i just delete nero and install it again, then it works. think its a driver problem. But this time nothing works. even formattet the computer.

Now i wonder if anyone can help me with this. software or something?

if not, then i wonder if anyone can give me some directions to updating the firmware myself?

Princo makes 16x media?! :rolleyes: Well, Princo media is very bad, you should try another brand.

I had a 1300a for two years up until two weeks ago and Princo media does not go well with that drive. When i first bought it i got 500 Princos and in the end all have become coasters and i have had to pay a load to replace the souces that where originally burned on the Disks.

For that Drive i recommend Ritek (+R’s seem to burn a hell of a lot better than -R’s on the 1300a, well they did for me). Plus you can update the firmware to bitset the +R’s into anything media format you want. is very cheap for them in the UK.

well. i bought 200 dvds of princo, so thinking about it, im not going to throw them away. i’ve used alot of princo cdr in the past, and have all worked fine. Im not rich so going out buying some new ones, aint really an option for me. i have to use what i just got. so i need to make it work, or somebody that can help me with it

Well, Princo is nasty media, and the NEC ND-1xxxA series drives are known to be quite media-picky, so I think you have a bad combination there.


Sell them… =)

but is it possible to add the dvd media to the firmware?

want to buy them? heheh

It shouldn’t be impossible if you have the complete mediacode. But I’m not sure about the quality that can be achieved with these discs.

As far I remember, Pioneer was a suitable burner for old 4x Princo. NEC 1300 surely is not. Furthermore, 1300 is an 4x writer and I doubt it worth to buy 16x media. Surely you can find someone with a more recent burner that would hapilly buy those Princo’s. As a general advice do not store valuable data on them.

sorry. i misread something. the princo is only 4x speed. it has a printable surface.

You can now get Princo 8x DVD-R Inkjet Printables (Media code: PRINCO8X01), although I haven’t personally seen them yet…


hey. just wanted to let you know that the burner accepts the dvds now.
So my hint for people is to try different firmwares, and change the booktype to dvd-r. heheh. dont know if its a tip, but im new at this, and i could only change booktype with just 1 of all the different firmwares i downloaded.
anyway. burning at 2x speed.