NEC 1300A OEM Questions



I’m brand new to this site and dvd copying in general, so hope you don’t mind these basic sorts of questions.

I have an NEC 1300A coming in–first dvd recorder for me. I’ve been looking through the threads on it and have discovered a lot of information regarding firmware updates. For the most part the updates seem to be aimed at fixing compatiblity with various brands of media.

First, how do I figure out which firmware is on the drive?

Second, since I have never updated firmware before, is it much different from flashing a new motherboard bios?

Third—I’m getting an OEM version and NEC says the firmware updates are meant for retail and bundled drives, not the OEM’s. Is this true, or just their way of making all the OEM buyers really nervous?

Appreciate any help offered. Glad I found this site.


i just bought a 1300A myself.

  1. if u use nero, go to Recorder > Choose Recorder.

  2. flashing the firmware is pretty much like flashing a mobo bios. just boot up in dos and run the flash utility.

  3. i don’t really know, but i’m guessing it doesn’t really matter.

u can check out this site for some info on hacked firmware to change the drive’s write strategies on various media. i flashed to Herrie’s 1.07v2 firmware. the flash utility allows u to revive dead drives as well (in case u misflash or something).


Thanks for the link. I’d seen some comments to and from Herrie, but didn’t know his website.