NEC 1300A hacked f/w with new media support (Princo and others)



I was able to hack the NEC 1300A firmware and I enabled support for various media.

Unfortunately there isn’t a writing method for Princo @ 4x in the F/W yet, so the Princo 4x will only burn @ 2x at the moment (but it’s still a lot better then the “Illegal Medium Error” Nero used to give :slight_smile:

I also removed the DVD-Video ripping speed lock!

You can download the firmware here:

Please post your experiences at:


You mean that the original firmware was intentionally and artificially made refuse crap media? wow :rolleyes:

Princo 4x

The broad peak in PO is not at all OK. Sticking with 2x might be a good idea for these ones


There was a bug in my f/w. Princo 4x didn’t want to burn anymore. I fixed it again :slight_smile:

The fixed version can be found at :


After a tip from YoAnn I started working on support for currently unsupported discs :bigsmile:

I added a number of media codes (by replacing certain “future media” like RITEKG08 etc).

This needed to be done in a special way and took me quite some time. I think everyone will be pleased with the results!

My LEADDATA01 started to work with this method, so possible others will work too!

Support for the following media codes has been added:

NANYA (@2x)
LEADDATA01 (@4x)
SKC Co Ltd. (@2x)
GSC001 (@2x)
UTJG01001 (@2x)
" " (6 times space) (@4x)
CMC MAG.AF01 (@4x)

Support for the following discs can be added also, but in that case I need to remove support for discs that are currently in the shops (LGE, OPTODISC, LD and TDKG010000d9 could be used for this:) ) In case you’re interested, drop me a PM with the media code you would like to add and which one to replace and mailaddress, so I can make it for you!
Possibly supported media (only on request)

INFOD K-R (@2x)
DDD (@2x)

You can download the new version below:

All please test and post your results!


Ok after some further investigations I was able to complete a very good version of my NEC firmware :bigsmile:

With the previous versions there were some reports of 2x media that didn’t work, this should be solved now:)

List of added media codes :bigsmile: :
6 times space (2x experimental)
6 times space (4x)
BeAll G00001 (2x tested & verified)
CMC MAG.AF01 (4x tested & verified)
DDD DVDR (2x experimental)
EURODIG-DISC (2x experimental)
GSC001 (2x tested & verified)
INFODK-R01 (2x tested & verified)
LEADDATA01 (4x tested & verified)
LONGTEN TECH (4x tested & verified)
MAMEG02 (2x experimental)
NANYA (2x)
PRINCO (4x tested & verified) (Princo White Tops 1-4x, BulkPaq 1-4x)
PRODISCG01 (2x experimental)
SHT 001 (2x experimental)
SKC Co Ltd. (2x)
TAROKO-X2 (2x experimental)
UTJG01001 (2x tested & verified OK)

The following media have been removed (because they don’t exist and they were disabled anyway in the firmware):

MCC 02RG20
MCC 03RG20

The new firmware can be downloaded here:
Normal version:
RPC2 (Auto Reset thanx to Etna):
RPC1 (Free thanx to Etna):

Please test it! I’d like to know the results, especially for the ‘experimental’ ones :bigsmile:


Do you have any programming skills? It would be very cool if you could make a program that could generate a firmware with support for the media that a user wanted… :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately not, but I don’t really think it’s needed, because all the media that are currently on the market are being supported in this one :wink: Except for 1 or 2 really rare brands maybe. And there’s still some place left in the f/w to add some more media :wink:


Is there a way you can remove the speed protection on 1100A drives?


Originally posted by Corbus
Is there a way you can remove the speed protection on 1100A drives?

Which protection? Of the video-rip speed?

If yes:



Hi Cdmania:

You have one email sent by me related to Firmware for Spanish media. :stuck_out_tongue:

The URL you posted is DOWN:confused:

Anyway you’re the best:bigsmile:


It is right that the firm for 1100A is compatible with 1300A units and give them support for DVD-ROM bit setting for DVD+R media (wich 1300A lack from default)? (with the expense of non-writing -R DVDs).


The download link doesn’t work.


a hacked version of the updated 1.06 firmware would be cool, keep up the good work, anyone tested this hacked firmware with 4x red datawrite media?

the official firmware that was flashed on my drive didnt work with 4x red topped datawrite media dvd-r, hope you could make this work in the next release of the hacked firmware, would be much appreciated !


Herrie (aka cdmania) has his 1300A page up now.


what r the differents between the NORMAL, FREE and AUTORESET versions???


Normal: normal
Fred: Region Free
Autoreset: The Region Counter resets to 5 each time you restart


Sorry to bother all. I just dl’d the latest firmware from for NEC 1300a and flashed my burner. I tried the princo bulk white label cheap 4x media with Decrypter and it still gave me the error in calibration. I had to downgrade to 2.4x in order to burn at 2.1x. Should I get this old version instead of the latest?, or should I install the Christmas one?


Princo is inferior -R media and cannot be burnt at 2.4x.
Suitable is only 1x, 2x, 4x, …

Use better media, not this crap.


Hello there childrens.
Thanks for the reply. I know its cheap media and I am very sorry I got it, believe me. But I thought that this firmware would resolve the issue. You still haven’t answered my question. Does this old firmware resolve the issue? because I went to and saw the 108 firmware, but this 105 firmware says that it resolves the 2.1x problem, while the 108 does not.
Please someone clear this for me.


Try with 1.0C, not with that OBSOLETE 1.05 version.