NEC 1300A Firmware


Can someone tell me why it says in the “Read Me” file of the firmware upgrade file (both V1.07 & V1.08) of NEC ND1300A that it is only for bulk and retail releases and not OEM releases?

My understanding is that the only difference between retail and OEM versions is the fancy box and bundled software. Apart from that the items are identical. If this is the case then why shouldn’t the upgrade work or am I mistaken?

Many thanks…


With OEM they mean those sold under other brands which identifies themself as something else than NEC ND-1300. (like mitsumi, Iomega and others).

Bulk = Bare drive and no software, still identified as NEC ND-1300, often called OEM as well which makes all the confusion.

If your drive identifies itself as NEC ND-1300 then all should be good to upgrde :slight_smile:

Many thanks.
Certainly cleared a few things for me.