NEC 1300A DVD RW stopped working

I have the following DVD RW and it stopped working a few weeks backs…and I have not been able to get it working again.
Updated the firmware - to 1.0B; updated the NDIVIA drivers as recommended in forum and still no luck…

The problem is that the drive does not recognize media - keeps asking me to insert blank CD and it will just not recognize them - I have tried Memorex CD-R, Verbatim CD-RW and Maxell CD-R.

I need to create a couple of CDs now - I have spend 5 hours online so far - searching and trying to figure this out…would sure appreciate some help and direction.

Thank you in advance for you help.

It does not see DVDs or CDs? Or only CDs? Is this WinXP?

I’ve run into a similar problem. My burner doesn’t see any type dvd media. I posted a msg in a newsgroup and was told maybe my laser dead.

I’m still looking for help. But I may just go buuy another burner

Test the drive in another computer or by using a FRESH and clean OS installation.