NEC 1300a driver for win98?

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Sorry for the newbie question, but I just bought a NEC 1300A OEM and cannot seem to find a win98 driver for it. If anyone has any ideas where I could find said driver, I would be grateful. The large driver databases that i have searched only seem to mave XP drivers…


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You dont need a driver for the operating system to recognise the drive, it should be done automatically. Could it be that by drivers you mean burning software? Or is it actually about a recognition problem by Windows?

Thanks Hemispasm.

Windows does recognize the drive, so it must be Nero ( that I need to work with. When the machine boots (Athlon 1400 w/ win98–old I know) I am not given the option to burn anything but CDs in Nero. When I try to choose a recorder in Nero, the window that appears says that the drive supports DVD, CD-R/RW, DDCD-R/RW. There is no mention of DVD+/-R/RW, which I expected. If you have any recommendations, I wo0uld be grateful. I guess that it is time to search the forums for info on Nero.

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Try the latest version of the 5.x Nero series here


Thanks so much. I actually went for the newer Nero (6.0.3.x) and everything looks fine. It burns CDs like a charm; on to DVDs tomorrow (the media guide that you folks maintain looks like just the thing that I needed).

I have a feeling that I’ll stick around here.

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Originally posted by Zippy
I have a feeling that I’ll stick around here.
Please do, you might find it rewarding helping others yourself :slight_smile: