NEC-1300A Data corruption



a few weeks ago user tsjaa posted this:

I have a problem with burning DVD-R… (NEC ND1300A), If I burn 6 AVI files ( 650 MB up to 750 MB ) on a DVD-R I cannot read all the files afterwards at the most i can read 2 files.

Ive just got the same NEC burner and and having the same problem.

DVD backups seem to work find…but burning multiple AVIs to a dvd-iso leaves a few files unreadable.

The files are listed as correct in some cdcheckers but are unreadable and cannot even be opened in programs like Media Player or virtualdub.

Is this a firmware, media or software (nero6) issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Well after 89 views and 0 replies im guessing im the only one…maybe i just got a dud burner.


I couldn’t read some files on my CDR burner when DMA was enabled. I doubt that it is your problem, try anyway, disable DMA for this drive and try to read it again.

Can you read other DVDs that you didn’t make? DVD pressed or DVDs that your friends made? Can you watch movies? What do you use to burn DVDs? What settings?


Did you try other media or slower write speeds yet? On ‘crappy’ discs, the data stored in the outer parts of the disc easily is corrupted, writing on a slower speed can fix this problem (although I’d advice to buy decent media)…


Well, I just tested this and everything seems to be fine here…

I compiled a disc, filled with avi files. I can copy the disc to my harddrive and all avi’s can be read without a slight problem.

Media: Medianca (Prodisc) DVD-R @ 2.4x
Firmware: 1.06