NEC 1300A Burns worse than Lite-on



I just got a NEC 1300A for my second PC, and I updated the firmware to 1.0B from NEC website. Using CMC 8X DVD+R discs. Here are the K-probe scans from the NEC burn as well as the lite-on burn. Is herrie’s 1.08V2 better than 1.0B for the NEC drive? thanks in advance.

NEC 1300A:

Lite-on USON (Omnipatched):


CMCMAGE01 is such new media that the 1300A doesn’t know what to do with it and burns it with a generic writing strategy.
Try Herries’ 1.08V2 1300A firmware.
I believe it uses a different ‘generic’ write strategy and might work better on those E01 discs…