NEC 1300A Blank Media Problems



I’ve got a nec 1300a with 1.0B firmware. My problem has been lately the drive is having trouble reading blank media. This includes dvd+r’s and even cd-r’s.

If i put an audio cd or dvd in the drive, it reads and plays fine. When I insert blank media to burn however, it tells me to insert a blank disk. I have alot of files to backup and not being able to burn to a blank dvd is causing me some problems.

Any suggestions or where to go for more help would be great. thanks.


what type of media are you using…

use this if your not sure


1.0C is the latest firmware
You could get Herrie’s version.


thanks for the replies.

what I did was uninstalled the Roxio 6 software I was using. I tried the IBM RecordNow that a friend of mine had and now it works just fine. Backed up my files with no problems. I do have my drive in an external usb case. Maybe there is something with my setup that conficts with Roxio?? It had worked fine with Roxio up until a few weeks ago. Whatever it was, it works now.

Thanks for the help.