Nec 1300 vs Pioneer 106 help

I really wish I could find more objective reviews from sites like this one, but I can’t so Im relying on you users. I read all the user posts at dvdrhelp and here about these writers. Just want to clarify some things.

Thing is $125.00 was my ‘magic number’ to buy a dual burner.

Now that the 1300 is there… decisions, decisions.

Can anyone explain what I’m giving up or gaining by waiting on the Pioneer 106? I’m interested in cheap media compatiblity, installation issues, RMA or tech support.

I’m basically a newbie when it comes to audio/visual, so I want as little difficulties moving forward as possible.

I would expect the 106 to fall to $125.00 in the next couple months, so I could wait. What would you do?

Yes the price of the NEC fell to a point I couldn’t resist a couple of weeks back. I got an OEM version and put new firmware in as soon as I installed it. (from Herrie’s NEC firmware site )
Setting it up was simple, straightforward.

I haven’t had any problems with mine at all. Every disk I’ve burned has come out well. Started with Verbatim Datalife 4x +R disks (Mitsubishi) and am now using TDK 4x +R’s (Ricoh). So I haven’t tried any really dirt cheap media in it yet—probably won’t, since I don’t really trust their longevity.

Can’t answer rma or support questions. Just don’t have any experience there.

I do know the Pioneer is well respected and very popular. I’ve heard some say it is slightly more solidly made than the NEC, a better quality machine. How can you prove or deny that?

Upgrading the firmware on the NEC should give you a burner that will do anything you want, but it sounds like you would prefer to wait for the Pioneer. Give it a couple of months and get what you really want for a price you can afford.

I’m pretty satisfied with my NEC1300a. The original firmwares of the NEC drive aren’t that good, but with Herries firmewares, most cheap discs work like a charm.

If you want “official” support for cheap media (especially, -R media that is), the Pioneer is the better choice. There’s just one thing to the Pioneer (at least, AFAIK) that makes me dislike it a little: the possibility to downgrade firmwares. Most probably, in some time, somebody will find a way (as was done with the A05 some time ago), but for now, upgrading means upgrading till the ends of time…

I am sort of leaning to the Pioneer. But I knew a lot of people have bought the 1300.

I just want to make this learning curve as easy as possible - cause there is a lot to figure out.:eek:

What about conflicts with editing and coding software?

I’ll eventually want to transfer fair quality VHS tapes onto the DVD’s to archive the material before it degrads totally. Any preferred programs conflict with either writer.

I haven’t tried anything with VHS, so can’t help there. I’ve been backing up DVD movies using DVD Shrink and Nero

DVD Shrink is an amazing free program. Much more versatile than I thought it might be—you should check it out if you ever get into backing up DVD’s.

Nero works well with my burner so far, so I can recommend it for use with the NEC.