NEC 1300 & Ritek G04, burnquality?

Before I had a Sony DRU-500AX that only wanted to burn my Ritek G04@2x. So I did a pretty good deal and swapped it for a NEC 1300 that burns all my Ritek G04@4x. Did some checking Nero CD Speed and disovered this withe the exakt same media. (tried a couple with same result)

NEC 1300 with Ritek G04:

Sony DRU-500AX with Ritek G04:

Does this mean that the NEC have som quality issues at the end of the DVD? Anyone can post there result so I can compare? Should I write Nec support about this and let them investigate for upcoming firmware upgrades? Burning with the Nec at 2x doesnt help, it only makes the read performance unstable all over the DVD instead of only at the end.

Hoping for some good answers. :bigsmile:

If the reading speed is going down, then you are not just having “some issues”. You have very poor write quality if it is visible in the read speed graph!

Strange thing is that the DVD movies plays just fine in my Xbox with a fussy Philips drive. Would be great if somoene else could post there results, thx. Maybe I can do a RMA if the same thing dont occur on other Nec 1300 drives. Dont want poor burning results. :slight_smile:

Interesting…so your sony wouldn’t burn them at 4x…but it burns other media at 4x I presume?
It sounds like the g04’s you got aren’t too good and can’t handle 4x very well.
Have you tried burning them at 2x in your NEC and then testing the quality?
I"d be very curious to see the difference.