NEC 1300 Problem(s)

Could someone please help.

I have a Nec 1300A DVD .

When I insert any media (CD, DVD) blank or written, my computer reboots. As long as the media is in the tray it will continue the cycle.

I am using Windows 2000. The drive is set as the slave on IDE1 (HD is the master). DMA is active. My motherboard is 2 a year old ECS K75SA and it has a SIS chipset. There is no bios or driver upgrades for this board.

Also, there is no way to set the region, will not accept Region 1 and it still has the five possible changes. The drive firmware has never been flashed.

Drive worked for one day and started having this problem. This is the second one, the first one was send back for exchange having suffered from the same problem.

Any ideas will be welcomed.



Look at the back of your burner,I hope you don’t have it in
Cable Select (CS) position?

hi, I have the same DVD drive. Have you tried to perhaps change the drive position. For example, some drives really need to be setup as a “master” drive.
My first DVD drive years ago, a Sony, would only work as a secondary master.It would not work as a slave drive, period.
just a suggestion…

It is NOT wise to use CS, ND-1300 should be on MASTER if possible.
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