NEC 1300-A Reading Problems


Ive just got a NEC1300A, and most of the time I place a DVD inside, and goto my computer, it will just list the drive as “DVD-R Drive”, and will not show that there is any media inserted. After putting many different disks in it will eventually recognise the disk, and then it will work. As you can guess this is driving me up the wall!

Im on firmware 1.0A

Any ideas?


Are you only using one particular type of media?
Perhaps your drive has trouble with that dye type.

Or are you referring to pressed DVD-ROM discs?

It can be pressed as well as blank/used DVD-R’s which wont read, which makes it more a mystery >.<

I know the 2500A is not the best reader, I’m not sure about the 1300 though.
Could you try putting the drive in a different computer and testing again to see if it recognizes discs there?
That will determine if your read issue is system related or drive related.

soory about no replying in a while, ive been away

im not able to test in another pc unfortuantly >.< it seems to be getting a bit worse for a few DVD’s, but then, some DVD’s will always read first time, whereas others i have to keep ejecting and reinserting until it comes up in my computer?

Please dont say its signs ofa dead drive :sad:

Something is definitely screwy there, it is very possible the drive is going bad… Is it possible for you to exchange it?

I’ve partially broken te drive tray just enough that I think they will not allow to return the drive >.< I wouldnt say it was bad enough though to create these read problems, as the tray still returns inside the drive with no problems.