NEC 12x with DL

here can you find NEC´s newest 12x burner.

Maybe they should have jumped straight to 16x as per the Benq drive.

Isn’t that the 16x drive that writes discs about as fast as an 8x burner? :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting. I wonder if the hardware is the same as the ND-2510A or if it uses the new chipset that NEC developed for their 16x burner?

Might Herrie be able to work even more magic with our ND-2500As? :bigsmile:

This is definitely interesting, I’ve heard nothing about a 12X NEC drive until now.
If anyone out there acquires this drive, please send me an email with the firmware.

Well the 16x Benq writes a full disc in about 6 and a half minutes according to Tomshardware

Sorry, reported that it was only 15 seconds faster than a 12x burn (on the Plextor 712A).

For some reason, I was thinking 8x. My bad.

It must be a mistake. NEC won’t release a 12x burner and has AFAIK not sold any external versions either. It sounds more like Iomega’s version of LG’s GSA-4120B based on the included software (ie Hotburn).