NEC 1100a



I have an old NEC 1100a that I’m currently trying to replace. It never worked very well from the day I got it 4 years ago. I was just wondering, there isn’t any firmware that could make this thing run again, is there? I just figured I’d ask before throwing it out. I did get a Dell released firmware upgrade about 3 years ago that made it work with at least one type of disc but that’s all. I know it’s old and you guys probably don’t even remember this drive but I figured I’d ask. Thanks!


You can crossflash it to a NEC 1300A.
It may be possible that it can burn DVD-R afterwards, but this doesn’t always succeed.

But all good drives can be bought for $/€ 40 or even less, so this is not a problem now. Even the NEC 1300A firmware will not support recent 16x media.


More info is here:


After crossflashing to a 1300 and updating to Herrie’s modified firmware, it’s still a very good drive, but mainly limited to 4x and most 8x media, 16x media will have very limited support.


I went to and downloaded the firmware but my computer will not open the file (it gives me the “windows cannot open this file…do you want to use the web to find an appropriate program message.”) How do I get that thing open? Even though I’m getting a new one I would certainly like to see if this old drive could work a little bit more. If someone could give me a little help upgrading the NEC 1100A I’d appreciate it!


No problems here, just click on ‘firmwares - 1x00 - 1100’ and download the .RAR file to your computer (right-click and ‘save target as’). RAR is a compressed file format, similar to a zip file. Download something like WinRAR to open it.


Didn’t know about this WinRAR program…I’ll track it down and get this thing opened! Thanks!