NEC 1100A suddenly only burns 2.4x

I got a couple new burners a while back and put my old 1100A in a friends PC. It’s been running fine for over a year now. Suddenly I discovered it will only burn at 2.4x on any media we’ve tried. I’m using Taiyo Yuden 8X +R and Maxell 8X +R. These discs have burned just fine at 4x in the past, but suddenly DVD Decrypter and Nero both report burn speed at 2.4x only. I did notice some kind of DMA issue. I went to open DVDFab Decrypter and it said DMA was not enabled, but to all appearances in Device Manager DMA most certainly IS enabled. Regardless I deleted the channel and let windows reinstall with no luck. It still lists as DMA Mode 2 but burn speed is still 2.4x. I did have trouble reinstalling the channel though. I kept getting at error that the IDE driver was incorrect for the OS. After disabling the drives themselve as rebooting the IDE channel seems to have setup correctly. DVDFab Decrypter also no longer gives the DMA message. Any input on all this? He swears his problems started when he first tried to back up Sin City, but that may well be coincidence.

Check the links above. Also Microsoft has a web page with detailed instructions on resetting DMA when it has permenantly locked out. If your friend has the drive on the same IDE channel as the HD I would move it.

I don’t think DMA is the issue anymore though. I have both drives set on the secondary IDE with the ROM as the master and Burner as the slave, same as it’s always been. After deleting the IDE and rebooting/redetecting, I can rip from the master drive just fine at about 12x, which would indicate to me that the drives are running in UDMA2 for such speed. Device manage also lists them as UDMA2. I can still only burn at 2.4x on the burner though. I have no idea exactly what caused this. I may have to switch it to another PC to see if it’s the drive itself or not.

I rather think that the drive doesn’t know the latest media, since NEC doesn’t release a newer firmware. So it burns unknown media at “safe” speed obviously.



I’m going to try a firmware upgrade. There is a newer one out from NEC. This is a Dell OEM but I’m assuming I can flash normal firmware to it without too much trouble.

Otherwise you should probably ask Herrie :wink:

I may have to. I’ll try the firmware this weekend. I’ve also got Liggy’s hacked 1300 firmware I can try on it and Herries 1300 Firmware to try. Maybe one will resolve the issue.

I don’t have “hacked” 1300 firmwares. Only the original firmwares incl. Riplock and RPC1 patched versions, but I wouldn’t call them hacked :wink:

Sorry for the over-generalization. :doh:

I flashed NECs latest firmware to the drive and back up to 4x, so it eveidently was a problem with media recognition. It’s the oddest thing though considering the same spindle of media burned fine at 4x for hald the spindle then suddenly it only burns 2.4x until a firmware upgrade. I could understand it if it were a new pack of media.

Same Spindle doesn’t automatically imply same media, many companies use different media from different manufacturers labeled the same, especially cheap ones, but even well-reputated ones such as verbatim. You cannot see that from outside, only reading the media code will help.