NEC - 1100A : Power Calibration Error Nero 7

Every time I try to make a DVD+R compilation with Nero Burning Rom 7 I get a “power calibration error”.
Problem is I do not get this with DVD+RW, CD-R(W) media. Also am I able to write on DVD+R (!) with CloneCD and Alcohol 120%.
Updated the Firmware from version 1.80 (over 1.90) to 1.93.
Removed and reinstalled Nero 7 by using the nero cleaning tools.

Is he (the burner) after 3 years of hard labor killed by death? Or has anyone a suggestion? I do not know it anymore. :sad:

  1. try cleaning the lens - in a dusty or smoker environment this is very essential from time to time.
  2. try updating your 1100 to ND-1300 - hacked firmware is available!

I could also let work the drive know with nero 6, only “7” fails now, I suppose that is the problem and not the hardware (the drive).

Can a mod please move this to the “nero questions”-section?

What is “better” when I use the hacked firmware?

Companies tend to stop updating firmware for older drives and that where hacked or modded firmware comes in as the people who do it tend to keep it live while they can. Therefore it may be more up-to-date with media strtagies etc.

Your idea to go back to v6xxxx of Nero may be the solution to your problem I have heard a lot of bad things with v7 even on more modern drives.

Thank you for the explanation. :clap:

The latest v7 version seems to be OK. I think the biggest problem here is the obsolete and outdated hardware/firmware combination.

Go for the “1.0C Bitsetting Final Test 2” for the NEC-1100
e.g. at Herrie’s NEC DVD-RW Firmware Page

From the release notes:

  • This is a converted NEC 1300A firmware, patched to work on NEC 1000/1100A drives. After updating, your drive will be identified as NEC 1300A. Burning DVD-R(W) might work correctly, but it’s not guaranteed!

So if your drive will be identified as NEC 1300A by burning soft, there will probably be more chance that your drive will be supported.
And you can also burn on DVD-R(W) media which the NEC 1100 can’t - as far as I know. And bitsetting (Booktype DVD-ROM for DVD+R(W) is also a great feature if needed!

Best chance, that is. :wink:

I have the newest firmware, as I said in my opening post, but ok, I’ll try to upgrade to the 1300.
Wish me luck. :bigsmile:

Problems solved with the firmware-update. :bigsmile: Thanx for all the advice of the pro’s here. :clap:

I have the same problem, only mine does it with dvd’s (+ and -) and cd’s, too. I just have to try it 10 or 11 times before it works. DRIVING ME NUTS!! :a

Just accept that this drive/hardware is obsolete and there is absolutely no guarantee for burning -R/RW with it anyway.