NEC 1100a DVD+RWs unreadable

I have an OEM (Dell) NEC 1100a DVD burner. I can write to DVD-R fine, but when writing to DVD+RWs they appear to burn (you can see something was “burned” on the data side of the DVD) but then appear blank after they’re burned.

I’ve tried two different apps - Sonic MyDVD and Ulead - both go through the motions of burning and claim to have burned successfully but the result is an apparently blank DVD.

Any ideas what might be the issue?



Are you sure you are burning -r discs with a Nec 1100a, I’m sure they only did +r discs.
What firmware are you using?

Fixed the issue - I upgraded the firmware from the Dell support site. I was using DVD+RW x4’s which were unreadable after they were burned. The original firmware only supports discs up to 2.4.

I’m now able to burn 4x DVD+RWs with the new firmware.