Nec 1100A birning speed problems

Hi people, here is the problem …

when i bought my nec burner i burn a few DVD+R at 4x speed because that was its burning speed but later after some time my burner just burn at 2.4 x and i don’t know why , I tought that it could be the DVDs so i bought some hp 8x DVDs but the same thing happened my burner wrote them at 2.4x

what can i do

by the way i haven’t burn many DVDs actually i have just burned like 50 and i use the burner just for burning not for reading

Make sure DMA is enabled and your drive supports thatspecific media at 4x.

i’m sure of that like i said i already burned dvds at 4x but later it just burn at 2.4x the same dvds

Windows XP and 2000 will revert to PIO mode if it encouters a certain amount of errors. You might need to set it back to DMA mode still.

ok, now i need to know how to do that

Frankly it sounds more like a media identifier issue, ie the drive doesn’t understand the media and defaults to 2.4X

Brother Vlad

I’m having the same issue with the same burner. I know DMA is fully enabled on this machine. It does seem to be a media identifier problem, but I can’t figure out why, because like you, this media (taiyo yuden 8x, and maxell 8x) has also burned fine at 4x in the past. It’s my old burner on my friend’s PC now. He swears it started giving him problems when he did a backup of Sin City, but I havn’t heard of any problems caused by this movie.

well i solve the problem i just updated the firware and the speed grew up to 4x