NEC 1100 unable to burn simple music CDs

We can’t even read the error message(s) on those .bmp files!
Save your screenshots as .PNG files and you won’t need to compress them!

Media jukebox gives the error that I posted in my previous reply. Roxio does not give any error message it simply hangs my computer when it tries to write to CD and I have to reset.!!!’
Thanks for your help

Windows built in (IMAPI) and drag/drop CD writing services can sometimes conflict with burning applications.
There have been a few microsoft patches that deal with cdwriting, make sure your OS is up to date.
You can also try to disable IMAPI services, any other Windows CD Writing services and then try burning in Roxio again.

Ok folks, I guess finally its fixed !!! hats off to mike and everyone who helped me here.
Here is what I did, NEC is connected at secondary master, on BIOS I changed the setting to PIO4, changed device property to use ‘PIO only’, installed ForceASPI1.8 and
rebooted the system…voila, it worked!!!
I have not yet tried burning DVDs but will in a bit. I hope this information over here help someone else also.
But one doubt if someone can please clarify, I don’t if it was PIO setting which made it work or ForceASPI layer, but is it ok to keep it the way I have done it? any flip sides which I am oblivion of at this momemnt?
Again, big thanks to Mike for selflessly helping me here.

My PC has been down all weekend. My video card bit the dust and took out my OS/Hard drive. I guess I shouldn’t have said “my system is working pretty good now …”

Good to hear you got it to work. I’m pretty sure it was due to the missing ASPI. You don’t want to use PIO for burning DVDs. Leave ASPI installed and try to put it back to DMA or you may have problems. (buffer under run, Max CPU usage)

Hi Mike,
I changed BIOS setting for PIO back to AUTO, device manager setting back to DMA, then it started giving the same problem I was having before. I checked ForceASPI is installed.
This time I first changed Device Manger settings for secondary IDE controller back to ‘PIO Only’. And now I can burn CDs again!!! Which means only Device Manager setting should have been set to ‘PIO Only’ which has put me in difficult situation, if I change it back to DMA, my DVD burner may start acting up :-((
what do I do ??

Try the newest IDE drivers for your motherboard (supplied by the manufacturer).
You need DMA enabled for DVD burning to work correctly.

It has ASUS motherboard and on ASUS website, IDE drivers for motherboard have following listing(
CMD648 IDE Controller Driver
Promise Ultra100TM IDE Controller
Promise Ultra66TM IDE Controller Driver
SiS IDE Driver
VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Driver
SiS 620/530 IDE BusMaster Driver
SiS 620/530 USB patch file
ALi M1541 IDE BusMaster
Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver
VIA VT82C580 BusMaster Driver
CMD Enhanced IDE controller

Should I install/update all of them? Is it safe?or just few of above?
Please advice.
Thanks in advance,