NEC 1100 A light flashing

i got this off ebay and the light won’t stop flashing.

it won’t eject, and i installed it once and it wasn’t recognized by my computer.

what do i do?

sorry mods, i didn’t see the NEC section.

Connect and jumper it correctly!

i had it connected and jumpered correctly.

Then youhave bought junk.

Try ejecting the tray manually (with power off) using a straightened paperclip in the emergency eject hole, to make sure there isn’t a disk jammed in the drive.

Sounds pretty bad though - given the price of new drives, getting such an old clunker from ebay is false economy anyway - with no media code updates for ages, the old drives will soon be dependent on the quality of their default strategy when handling media with newer codes than they recognise.

If the LED is flashing it usually means the drive is in “safe mode” probably due to a bad flash. If this is the case though, the drive should still be seen by Windows.

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on the same topic my nec3500ag refuses to flash…stops and says flash error. I’m trying to upgrade from2.16 to 2.17…

What exact flasher/package have you tried with?