Nec 1000a stopped spinning

nec 1000a stopped spinning after a dvd+rw wouldn’t eject from a finished InCD write. I’ve had this for over a year without any probs.

The written disk is fine, I can read it. But now when I put a disk in it says ‘please insert disk’, in explorer as well as nero. It doesn’t matter what type I put in.

So i put in a cd and remembered the position, it’s the same when I eject it, so it doesn’t spin. LED lights up on hdd and burner for 4 secs, i hear 2 sounds, tk pause tk.

I thought it was a nero problem so thats where I posted first. Now that I see that the disk isn’t spinning I’m posting here.

I read somewhere else that I can put in a motor from any other optical drive, because that’s what it is.



Uninstall InCD and see if the drive works again.

i uninstalled Incd, nero, and reinstalled several times. Never got to read anything.

Also uninstalled the drive itself in device mnanager. Deleted all but microsoft drivers. Restarted and shutdown. Nothing

See if the drive will spin up when you attempt to run a CD/DVD Speed test.
If not, the drive is hosed.
Can you return the drive or RMA it?

No dice, no spin. I’ll have to check for the receipt.


I don’t know of a drive that has a warranty of more than one year.

I’d guess your spindle motor failed, and the drive is hosed. I’d say it’s time to go shopping.


Certain credit cards extend manufacturers warranties (like my Amex Blue) :bigsmile:
So that is something you may want to look into if you purchased with a credit card.

Otherwise, Newegg usually has a good price on the 2500A. An excellent writer. :iagree:

OfficeMax also has periodic sales on their Pacific Digital 8X drives.
You can find a rebadged 2500A in there by purchasing one with a serial number that looks like 41XXXXXXX