NEC 1.01e ('e' is the latest version) (NEW 19-06-2005)

Here, bye all :iagree:

:confused: Please close this thread because it tells nothing new.

For you is old, but for me is new… why??and for all other!! :iagree:

Then you can start a new thread for every new release of all NEC firmwares. I don’t think that’s the purpose of the forum.

Sorry, i don’t know the date is 19-06-2005, this release is old?? :slight_smile:

scorpiosoft,from where is this new firmware?

It was dumped from a new NEC drive.

Someone make some scan on quality media please before I return my 3540… I notified the shop but I have 2 weeks to decide. Well from 06/16 so thats till the end of the month I guess…

I just renamed it back to 1.01 (fifth release). Hope you all understand it better this way…

So, there are 5 different 1.01 stock firmares? :bigsmile:

P.S.: Unfortunately, if you got the wrong 3540, neither of them will force it burn YUDEN T02 perfectly. :frowning:

If NEC is changing the 3540 f/w on newer drives why they don’t release a f/w update for the owners of a 3540 have official access to that new f/W? If they change the f/w is because they think the newer is better, no? And does anyone could tell if this f/W is really better then the first release?

It has newer stratagies for -R and +R burning.

But is it better? Discs burned with that firmware are giving better results?

Patience young man… :wink:
Only you can decide if this firmware is better then the previous. :stuck_out_tongue:

Liggy are you gonna add bit setting to this version too?

(would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: )

Patience young man…
Only you can decide if this firmware is better then the previous.

OK! I’ll wait :slight_smile:

Yes, the one on my page is the latest one.

Scorpiosoft: If I flash this 101e (fifth edition) with Binflash can I remove the riplock and bitset the +DVD to DVD-Rom.

Yes, I’ll probably add bitsetting, but it takes a few more days.

Thanks Liggy, you are the best. I will be patient and wait. I wish you could come to the USA and see my computer lab, you would love it.