Nebie with Plextor

Hello experts :bow: I just got a PX 755A. When I burn about two GIGS to a blank disc, it will not let me add files to the disc. When adding, it wants me to insert the disc and. of course. it is inserted. So I tried a DVD-RW. when I go to add files to it , I am told that it is going to ERASE what has been burned on the disc. The "Read Only box is NOT checked.

Mary :sad:

hello and welcome !

Wich software do you use for burning ?

If you want to add some files to an already burner compilation you must untick the “finalize compilation” or finalize disc" (or something similar) before the first burn.

and if you want to read this disc anywhere you must finalize it a the last burn.

am i clear ?

Add: Sometimes the option reads “Leave disc open”.